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11 Paranoias ‎- Spectralbeastiaries Vinyl LP



To fully experience such an aural atrocity is to journey with this empirical trio down into their jam room amidst some hellish cosmic vortex, where total immersion into the unfathomable darkness is mandatory.

Crawling out of the sludge pit frequented by fellow doom-lords Ramesses and Bong, the band drench themselves in Black Sabbath’s 1970 drug-addled legacy before crafting new levels of multi-coloured depravity within the gloom, adding in a heavy Loop influence for good measure.

Following on from the vast wall of crushing atmosphere that was 2013 debut release Superunnatural, 11 Paranoias‘ reverberated psychedelic doomscape is the sound of a band who have made deals with entities best left un-dealt with, trading any and all musical barriers for a large quantity of boundary-dissolving substances and one of those books whose pages should never be read.

Hand silk screened covers and labels
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl
Limited to 300 copies copies