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Agusa - En Annan Värld Vinyl LP

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Instrumental retro-prog with folk touches. The album sounds like it was recorded in 1973!

The album consists of two long compositions (46 min play time). These are atmospherically entitled Sagobrus and Uppenbarelser. These names hint at the type of music the band create and proclaim the bands Scandinavian roots.

The two tunes contain some stunning passages where contrasts of power and volume have a major part to play. The compositions convey serenity and softness or potent knuckle punch aggression when the need arises. The richly prominent role of the flute gives an impression that an expansive melodic cloak swaddles everything. Overblown intensity, or fluttered delicacy complements or contrasts with the other instruments, to create a range of many diverse moods and colors.

Limited to 300 copies