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Hollow Earth - Out of Atlantis Vinyl LP *White*

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Hollow Earth are a three piece psychedelic/progressive rock band from, of course, Sweden, and their new album is titled Out of Atlantis, comprised of six tracks that scream of influences from the late 1960's. Citing acts such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple (Mk. I), Caravan, and King Crimson as inspiration, the trio of Cristobal Nemo (keyboards, guitars, vocals, percussion), Don Pharaoh (bass, vocals), and Rod Handel (drums, percussion) have crafted an album here that seems out of a time capsule from 1969.

Dreamy synth passages, Hammond, and Mellotron permeate the lush & spacey tracks "Electric Eden" and "Riders on the Vapour Trail", while the more upbeat title track is ripe with commanding Hammond organ, biting guitar solos, acrobatic drumming, and booming bass riffs. With whispered vocals, creepy organ, and soft militaristic drumming, "Incantation" is like a leftover from Pink Floyd's Meddle and Ummagumma period, but it's on the epic "Behind the Ivory Gate" where things really get interesting, a head on collision of The Moody Blues, early Gentle Giant, Iron Butterfly, Book of Taliesyn era Deep Purple, and Sweden's current hard rock darlings Ghost, complete with haunting vocals, Mellotron, Hammond organ, electric piano, synths, and heavy rock guitars. In fact, closer "Ave Satánas or Tea-Time With Lucifer" also brings to mind the popular Ghost, thanks to some quirky arrangements and evil lyrical content.

Out of Atlantis shows a ton of promise for Hollow Earth at hints at great things to come from this talented trio. Blending prog, psychedelia, hard rock, and Canterbury jazz-rock, it's an album that has a ton of appeal and should be on your instant radar.

Pressed on white vinyl
Limited to 200 copies