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Morpholith - Null Dimensions Vinyl MLP *Turquoise*

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"Null Dimensions is a less direct album than their debut, drawing slowly into focus, patiently building atmosphere with the kind of cymbal shimmer and suspended notes that are a signifier of doom intending to take its time. Morpholith handle this deftly, Orb manages to keep a surprising amount of movement for a song that is effectively standing still for ten minutes or so. This is doom rooted in metal, more than stoned fuzz, with a sheen to the sound, and a gothic feeling carried by vocals to match the epic intent."

"Beyond the deftness there is a more direct attack, there are teeth to the heavier tones and more harsh vocals. Behind this is the ever-present cosmic noise, receiving some space signals for added-value beyond big amps and riffs."

"The balance between soaring epic vocals and more dense roars adds to this space-making strategy, which we also hear in their choice to give each song some breathing room at the end. I’m a fan of a big crash out, but Morpholith develop a sense of extent that a sudden stop would shut down. This also gives them room to explore some ‘post-‘ sounds towards the end of the record, brooding over a descending melody with active percussion pushing on to the last anguished screams." ---thesleepingshaman

Presented in a gatefold sleeve
Printed inner sleeve
Pressed on turquoise vinyl
Limited to only 100 copies!