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Queen Elephantine - Scarab Vinyl LP *White*



A meditative space sound, like a solarized wind calmly blowing on an alien planet, or a brace of Tibetan monks on PCP, glued to their prayer mats and ommm-ing themselves to oblivion… There's plenty of galactic bliss… and plenty of underlying dread as well.

Unlike the majority of doom metal music released nowadays, this is not pure Black Sabbath worship but a mournful ride through a room full of mirrors reflecting '60s acid psychedelic rock, shamanic cosmic trance, and creepy, slow doom. Everything here is totally steeped in a damp, pagan / mystical basement atmosphere full of intensely hypnagogic meditation visualizations. “Scarab” is the type of album that takes the listener on an esoteric journey of self-discovery.

Presented in a gatefold sleeve
Pressed on white vinyl
Limited to only 140 copies