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Yuri Gagarin - The Outskirts Of Reality Vinyl LP



Swedish space rockers Yuri Gagarin (named after russian kosmonaut with the same name) have released their third album since forming in 2012. Heavily influenced by the mothers of all space rock bands Hawkwind, the swedes has taken the stage and made it their home turf. Their debut came back in 2013, their second in 2015 and now we have been waiting five years for the new album to come out.

And holy moly this is heavy! A superintense riffing starts of almost immediately on the first song, with the drums totally ripping my speakers with this hard driven metallic, industrial, frantic almost blast beaty immense feel. This song called "QSO" ends with a well needed slow beautiful piece while the drummer gets his well needed heart transplant.

While the Aliens are invading Earth to hear what the fuzz (pun intended) is about, Yuri Gagarin sets their instrumental laser cannons to stun because in the second song "Oneironaut" the swedes plan to extract the minds of the unsuspecting alien lifeforms through the powers of psychedelia and space rock.


Buckle up readers because the swedes are far from done. On the B-side they continue their kosmic space journey far, far into space and they do not plan to return in the near future. So strap your belt on tightly and sit your ass down on that Sputnik/Vostuk/Soyuz or whatever you want to call your space rocket and prepare for departure to the outer realms of the universe and enjoy this wonderful album. ---Stargazed

Presented in a gatefold sleeve
Comes with a full-color A2 poster
Limited to 500 copies