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Atomic Rooster ‎- Death Walks Behind You Vinyl LP *Orange*

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The band's second album, originally issued in 1970, is commonly thought of as the archetypal Atomic Rooster album. 'Death Walks Behind more details...
AutumnBlaze - Welkin Shores Burning Vinyl LP *Green*

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German- based melancholic rock and dark metal band AUTUMNBLAZE returns to the scene with the highly anticipated new album more details...
Bad Acid - Revelations Of The Third Eye Vinyl LP

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"Ever imagined what a bastard love child between Truckfighters and Blues Pills would sound like – ponder no more and welcome the dirty more details...
Bite The Bullet - Bite The Bullet Vinyl LP *Marble*

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Pure, unadulterated, bluesy rock music with the heart in the right place. A lesson in playing pleasure, fuzzy and pure love for the music featuring more details...
Black Freighter - Graves And Monuments Vinyl LP

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Black Freighter's sound is dirty. Downtuned guitars, lots of feedback, brutal and aggressive vocals.You can hear influences from Eyehategod to more details...
Black Magician ‎- Nature Is The Devil’s Church Vinyl LP *Red*

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<<Bottom right corner of jacket has a small bend>> “Nature Is the Devil’s Church” is five tracks of expansive, more details...
Black Prism - Satan's Country 7" Vinyl *Purple*

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With Satan’s Country, Black Prism successfully make an “instant classic” in the realm of early 70’s Black Sabbath inspired more details...
Black Space Riders - Light Is The New Black Vinyl 2LP+CD

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Black Space Riders has emerged, laying down a sound filled with the telltale signs of distortion, volume, fuzz, up tempo, down tempo, blazing solos, more details...
Black Tomb / Crud - Split Vinyl 12" *Bone*

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"How do you like your doom? New England's Black Tomb delivers it through a sludge-driven, nihilistic lens. There's also Florida's more details...
Blackout - Blackout Vinyl LP *Green*

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Hailing from NYC, guitarist-vocalist Christian Gordy, drummer Taryn Waldman and bass player Justin Sherrell offer a jammy, smokey take on doom, more details...