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El Camino - Småland Vinyl LP

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EL CAMINO follows the dark path of the masters BLACK SABBATH and ELECTRIC WIZARD creating doom infected metal with the focus on the darkness around, Click for more info
Electric Moon - Lunatics & Lunatics Revenge Vinyl 2LP *Purple/Green*

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Electric Moon are a band that, depending on your dominant tastes in music, could be described in any of these ways: heavy psych, acid rock or Click for more info
Eternal Elysium - Highflyer Vinyl LP *Red/Gold*

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"Theirs is a highly distinctive sound, fusing Black Sabbath riffs with Monster Magnetic craziness, bordering at times on a drug-fueled Click for more info
Eternal Elysium - Resonance of Shadows Vinyl 2LP *Swirl*

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Eternal Elysium are a stoner/doom metal band from Nagoya, Japan. Active since 1991, Eternal Elysium has built a reputation as one of Japan's most Click for more info
Faal ‎- The Clouds Are Burning Vinyl LP *Red*

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Hailing from The Netherlands, Faal blends some subtle black metal and post rock influences into a Disembowelment-like funeral doom / doom death Click for more info
Fimir - Tomb Of God Vinyl LP *Blue*

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Emerging from the ashes of CHURCH OF VOID, there is a new force rising up to pursue a path in the name of DOOM METAL: FIMIR, whose debut, "Tomb Click for more info
First Band From Outer Space - The Guitar is Mightier Than The Gun 2LP *Red*

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First Band from outer Space was the first space rock band from Gothenburg, paving the way for acts like The Hills, The Movements, Yuri Gagarin and Click for more info
Fistula - Loser Vinyl LP

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Fistula manage the tough act of being sludgey and semi fast at the same time. Not a lot of bands can do this, and even less can make it sound good. Click for more info
Fleshpress - Acid Mouth Strangulation Vinyl LP

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Four men dragging behind them a weight equal to the burden of existence. Years and years of constant uphill struggle, slowly rising from sludgy roots Click for more info
Fog Cult - The Dying Sun Vinyl LP

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Come taste the hypnotic and heavy grooves of FOG CULT. With 'The Dying Sun' the band melts psychedelia and doom metal thunder into one Click for more info