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Deep Space - Through The Haze Vinyl LP *White*

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Deep Space was created in the mystical wee hours of acid trips and seances within the desert lands of Austin TX. Deep Space stays true to their outer Click for more info
Denizen - High Winds Preacher Vinyl LP *Blue*

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DENIZEN is a fuzzed-out stoner 4-piece from southern France with a new album of heavy music. "High Winds Preacher" delivers non-stop desert Click for more info
Deville - Hydra Vinyl LP *Blue*

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When you listen to the newest release from Swedish rock band Deville, you get an album of rock and roll that features a whole lot of power and energy Click for more info
Doomraiser - Reverse (Passagio Inverso) Vinyl LP

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DOOMRAISER is another fine Doom Metal act that have proved to be one of Italy's best Doom Metal acts. Their fourth album, "Reverse (Passagio Click for more info
Dopethrone ‎- 1312 Vinyl LP *Green/Etching*

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<<All Jackets have one damaged corner>> The heaviest Doom from Canada, Dopethrone, formed in 2008 in Montreal They encompass the Click for more info
Dun Ringill - Welcome Vinyl LP *Orange*

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Swedish Doom/Stoner Metal with folk influences featuring members of The Order Of Israfel, Doomdogs, Cathedral and more. Pressed on "orange Click for more info
Earth / Flying Hat Band - Coming Of The Heavy Lords Vinyl LP

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1969 demos by EARTH who had changed their name to BLACK SABBATH in 1970. Also with the bonus track "Blue Suede Shoes" performed as Click for more info
Earthling Society - England Have My Bones Vinyl LP *Green*

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Earthling Society is a Kosmische quartet that hails from one of the most un-Kosmische areas of North-West England. That town, Fleetwood, is so bleak Click for more info
Eclisse - The Origin Of Error Vinyl LP

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Moody, far-ranging and heavy in a post-rock kind of way but given a psych edge through dreamy vocals and organ, lush guitar, etc. But it moves! And Click for more info
El Camino - Småland Vinyl LP

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EL CAMINO follows the dark path of the masters BLACK SABBATH and ELECTRIC WIZARD creating doom infected metal with the focus on the darkness around, Click for more info