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Vessel Of Light - Woodshed Vinyl LP *Blood & Smoke*

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Highly anticipated full length by U.S. Doom Metallers VESSEL OF LIGHT, featuring Dan Lorenzo (HADES) and Nathan Opposition (ANCIENT VVISDOM). Click for more info
Los Natas - Ciudad de Brahman Vinyl LP *Splatter*

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Sophomore album from the psychedelic stoner rock band from Argentina. Originally released in 1999 as a CD only on the legendary Man's Ruin Click for more info
Splendidula - Somnus Vinyl LP *Splatter*

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From the country of Belgium comes female-fronted sludge/doom rockers Splendidula with a bewitching album full of big riffs, pounding beats, Click for more info
Ancient VVisdom - A Godlike Inferno Vinyl LP *Magick Edition*

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American Hard Rock, Occult Rock, Death Rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 2009. Presented here is 10th Anniversary Edition of ANCIENT VVISDOM's Click for more info
Mos Generator - The Lantern Vinyl LP *Marble*

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Mos Generator's pathbreaking 2007-album 'Tales From The Vault' is now remixed and remastered and with its new title 'The Lantern' Click for more info
Iron Man - Hail To The Riff Vinyl 2LP *Gold*

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Released as a tribute and monument to the band's late founding member Al Morris III, here's a spectacular live double album of Maryland's Click for more info
Wolves In Haze - Wolves In Haze Vinyl LP *Clear*

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The Swedish trio's 2016 debut album, initially released digitally gets the vinyl treatment. Wolves in haze was founded in 2014. Manne and Olle Click for more info
Morpholith - Null Dimensions Vinyl MLP *Turquoise*

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"Null Dimensions is a less direct album than their debut, drawing slowly into focus, patiently building atmosphere with the kind of cymbal Click for more info
Morpholith - Void Emission Vinyl LP *Green*

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From the cold confines of Reykjavík, Iceland comes the molten fuzz/psyche doom of MORPHOLITH and their debut ep album “Void Click for more info
Hexgrafv - Altare Vinyl LP *Silver*

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Hexgrafv's groove grabs you by the horns and drags you through the valley of Doom! Printed inner sleeve Pressed on silver vinyl Limited to 200 Click for more info